Waypoint Terms & Conditions of Use

Downloadable waypoints for laptops and chartplotters of all harbours and anchorages described in Cruising Guide Indonesia. Compatible with most modern laptops, google earth programs and chartplotters.

These waypoints are meant to be used in conjunction with our books and are labelled according to the naming schemes used in our books. However, for route planning purposes they can be used as a stand alone list of all our anchorages. This data file does not replace prudent seamanship. It is intended as a reference and planning aid and not for navigation. The skipper of the vessel is solely responsible for the safe operation and navigation of his/her vessel and the safety of the crew and/or passengers.

Please don’t copy and share our files. We hope to continue to provide accurate and up to date cruising information and by purchasing our files you are directly supporting future editions of Cruising Guide Indonesia.

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We thank you for your purchase and for supporting future editions of Cruising Guide Indonesia.