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There is truly no greater cruising ground than Indonesia. With 18,000 isles covering some two million square miles of pristine tropical water and a rich and vibrant local culture there truly can be no comparison.

2nd Edition
Cruising Guide Indonesia covers everything the prudent navigator needs to safely ply the Indonesian waters and enjoy the largest and best island nation in the world.
  • New chapters covering the Triton Bay, Saumlaki, Kai, Anambas, and Natuna areas.
  • Extensive updates and additions to all of our previous 25 chapters.
  • Detailed charts including approaches, waypoints and GPS coordinates.
  • Dangers, chart errors, missing islands, reefs and rocks.
  • Formalities, Immigration, Customs, Harbor Master and National Park regulations.
  • Regional weather patterns, local anomalies and currents.
  • Shore side facilities, restaurants, beach bars, supermarkets, provisioning and fueling.
  • Cultural excursions, waterfalls, wildlife, diving, hiking, climbing, day tripping, etc…
  • Comprehensive coverage: 304 pages thick with more than 400 anchorages.


Sailing in Indonesia is definitely on the rise and more and more yachts are visiting every year. The Indonesian government is pushing hard for development in the marine sector and new facilities are being built and funded as demand increases. Government regulations are changing for the better and the old large scale corruption seems to have been eradicated and sailors are taking note. Instead of hurriedly passing through the country yachts are now beginning to linger and some are even choosing to stay year around. As this part of Asia continues to develop rapidly we advise all sailors planning to sail in Indonesia to contact Cruising Guide Indonesia in order to be well-informed on the current hurdles and difficulties you might encounter while sailing through Indonesia.

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Torren Martyn

“Just spent the best parts of last year cruising through Indonesia from Aceh down to Lombok. Your book was a life saver! Just wanted to thank you for all the intel and time spent putting it together, greatly appreciated mate!”

— Torren Martyn, professional surfer.

Jimmy Cornell

“Andy Scott’s comprehensive guide to Indonesia is a godsend to any sailor planning to discover the attractions of one of the most beautiful cruising grounds in the world. The wealth of detail and clarity of presentation makes it among the best publications of its kind.”
— Jimmy Cornell, author of World Cruising Routes, Cornell’s Ocean Atlas, and founder of the ARC sailing rally.

Rob Rama Rambini

“Must have bible if you heading this way.”
— Rob Rama Rambini.

Shane Granger

“Your guide just saved our little butts when the engine over heated 50 miles from Semarang and I wound up sailing in to port, at night, with the wind at 30 plus…”
— Shane Granger, Historic Vessel Vega.


About our interactive e-Book:
“I have downloaded the ebook… fantastic… all went well… and I am not even an info tech type person. Really love your book.”
— Daz

Scott Warby

“Hi Andrew.. Just writing to say hi and a big thank you for your book..I sailed to Rote from Darwin last May and found your book so awesome I bought a print and e-book version…”
— Scott Warby.

Paul Capon

“A very deserved success. I love my book and tell all my friends about it.”
— Paul Capon.

Jamie Patten

“I can confidently say anyone planning to travel Indonesian waters whether first time or a seasoned veteran can benefit from the vast mapping and info that you can’t find anywhere else. Nice work.”
— Jamie Patten.

Jeroen Van Der Kooij

“I love the book!”
— Jeroen Van Der Kooij

Uwe and Gisela

“Uwe hat sich nun auch mit unserem neuen Cruising Guide to Indonesia by Andy Scott beschäftigt, der 2014 gedruckt wurde. Es ist der erste wirklich brauchbare!”
— Uwe and Gisela on Yacht Venus.

Peter Julian

“Bought it yesterday in Melbourne, great cruising guide very well done.”
— Peter Julian.

Amanda Zsebik

“Hi. Info about Riung was spot on. As was Gili Bodo. Thanks. Note to Navionics users Gili Pata in Riung is actually one nautical mile west of where Navioncis has it. Tricky…maybe that’s why they say never use them for navigation…”
— Amanda Zsebik Owner/ Operator Al Likai Phinisi.

Stephen Backhus

“I bought book at boat show and love it.”
— Stephen Backhus.

Phil Blake

“Andy, we recently completed a five month sail from Singapore to Raja Ampat and back (via Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, Komodo, Lambeana, Taka Bone Rate, Kakabia, Wakatobi, Makassar, Buru, Ambon, Seram, Misool, Sorong, Waigeo, Raja Ampat). The Cruising Guide Indonesia was of terrific and invaluable help on our Voyages of Four Friends. Thanks again!”
— Phil Blake

Luiz Belo

“Got my copy. Love it!”
— Luiz Belo.

Cecilie Murray

“Bought one & it’s excellent…well done!”
— Cecilie Murray

Tucker Bradford

About our downloadable GPX files for Chartplotters:
“This is AWESOME! So my primary chartplotter is iNavX and the names look perfect. I can’t tell you how excited I am to use this. It’s a constant issue with guides that you’re looking at where you want to be going, and trying to figure out where in the guide talks about that harbor/area. Now i just look at my chartplotter and say “Ah Chapter 11 Wngp-(A)”. This is gold man, gold!”
— Tucker Bradford.

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