The S coast of Kalimantan is densely overgrown with forests of moderate height and there are few distinctive landmarks. At river mouths the trees are often taller.

kalimantanTwo popular anchorages stand out along the Kalimantan coastline and both are as strategic in their locations when crossing the Java Sea as they are remarkable and rewarding in their attractions. Tanjung Puting National Park up the Kumai River just might be the highlight of your entire trip and a stop here is almost mandatory.

During the months of April to November winds blow from the E in the center of the Java Sea and more ESE and SE in the eastern portions.

Kumai River Anchorage

Kumai River Anchorage

Occasional strong trade winds from the SE occur at the height of the monsoon season but are nowhere near as strong as those found off Timor, Rote and Savu.

During the NW monsoon season from November to March winds are mostly from the WNW to W and can blow with considerable force. Thunderstorms and squalls are frequent.

During the changing of the seasons calms are likely with intermittent S winds and short duration squalls.