Pulau Nias is famous for its Megalithic stone alters, spectacular war dances, traditional architecture and stone jumping ceremonies. It is said to be one of the few remaining Megalithic cultures in existence today.

niasThe Nias peoples have a long trading history with visiting sailors and are very accustomed and welcoming to visiting tourists. Transportation around the island is fairly good and the main roads are well maintained.

Teluk Dalam Anchorage

Teluk Dalam Anchorage

During the SE monsoon season calms are frequent and accompanied by light afternoon S wind. Swells out of the S are near constant and rain squalls out of the NW are common and of short duration.

During the NW monsoon season winds are out of the NW and sometimes N and rain squalls are more likely to occur. NW winds up to a force 5 can occasionally blow during this time of year and calms are also just as frequent.

Currents in the open sea are monsoonal and follow the prevailing winds.