Rote Island and the small Islets off its southern shores are the southernmost islands in Indonesia.

Rote is said to have gotten its name when a lost Portuguese sailor asked a local farmer where he was. Not speaking any Portuguese the farmer introduced himself as ‘Rote.’

NembralaA large coastal reef surrounds the island and outside of the reef depths increase rapidly, and in some places off the South coast the 200m curve is only 0.5 miles offshore.

The whole southern coastline is open to swell and some world class surf breaks can be found in Rote. Fishing around Rote is also particularly good and Wahoo seem to favor red and white (Indonesia’s National flag) rapala fishing lures.

Trade winds are particularly well developed in Eastern Indonesia and during the height of the SE monsoon season trade winds can reach 25-35 knots.

Nembrala Anchorage

Nembrala Anchorage

During the NW monsoon season winds come out of the W and typically reach speeds of 25-30 knots.

Open ocean currents are influenced by the monsoons. From April to October the current sets west and from December to March it sets east. Tidal currents close to land masses can be extreme and will be covered in their respective chapters.

Caution: Cyclone season is from December to April in the Timor Sea. Careful planning is a must if traveling near Rote during the NW monsoon.