Waypoint File Downloads

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Downloadable files for laptops and chartplotters of all harbours and anchorages described in Cruising Guide Indonesia – 2nd Edition.

Most modern devices support GPS EXCHANGE FORMAT (GPX), so if in doubt, try that one first. Google Earth supports GPX files as well as their native KML file and we have provided both choices below. If you do not see a format in the list that will work with your device, please contact us with the file type you need and we will be happy, assuming our conversion software supports it, to add it to the list. Note that we need the exact file type so please look it up in your device manual.

Choose the appropriate file format for your software or GPS:

GPS EXCHANGE FORMAT (.gpx)             Buy now $4.95

GOOGLE EARTH FORMAT (.kml)            Buy now $4.95

GARMIN MAPSOURCE (.gdb)                  Buy now $4.95

RAYMARINE (.rwf)                                     Buy now $4.95