Notice to Mariners

Fortunately for us, reefs take thousands of years to form and bathymetry changes are rare.  Man made changes however are sudden and can affect mariners.   Please add the following two (2) additions to your guide.

Page 77:  The artificially cut channel entrance to Wangi-Wangi lagoon previously had a depth of only 2.1 meters at high tide.  This channel entrance has now been dug down to a much greater depth as well as widened and can be entered on all tides.  Depth now is 4 meters at mean lower low water.  Two visible red and green beacons mark the entrance as well as two orange buoys marking the outside and inside edges of the reef.  The red and green markers are NOT lit at night.  A jetty is currently under construction along the north side of the channel.  Jino, the local yacht helper will be available on Ch 16.


Page 81:   Ambon harbour outer anchorages (A) and (B) are unaffected and remain as written.  The inner harbour area of Halong Bay, Ambon now has a bridge spanning its entrance.  The Merah Putih Bridge has a reported height clearance of 34.1 meters.  Inner Ambon harbour anchorages (C) and (D) are only accessible for yachts able to pass under this height restriction.  Err on the side of caution when approaching.



End of corrections.


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